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Social Justice Ireland has more than 25 years experience in producing comprehensive, budget proposals and budget analysis.  All of this material and other budget resources are available in this section.

Some income tax proposals currently being considered by Government should be rejected because they would give far greater benefit to people earning higher incomes while giving nothing to lower income employees according to a new study conducted by Social Justice Ireland.

Reducing taxes is not Social Justice Ireland's priority for Budget 2015. Any available money should be used to improve Ireland's social services and infrastructure, reduce poverty and social exclusion and increase the number of jobs.

Budget 2014 provides no guiding vision, no real sense of direction for Ireland’s future, and no sustainable solutions to the major challenges Ireland faces. As well as this the budget numbers do not add up.

       Government should increase basic social welfare rates and PAYE tax credits by €5 in Budget 2014

This is essential because the value of basic social welfare payments has fallen when measured against average weekly earnings across all employment sectors since the downturn began.  The Old Age Pension system should be replaced with a universal pension paid at the current rate of the Contributory Old Age Pension.

There has been some confusion and misrepresentation of Social Justice Ireland’s position on income tax in the media. 

Here's the real story. As part of its Policy Briefing on ‘Budget Choices 2014’ Social Justice Ireland has made a number of recommendations on income taxation.  These recommendations are:

Social Justice Ireland Policy Briefing on Budget Choices 2014 sets out a fully-costed set of proposals.

BUDGET 2014 should end cuts, meet borrowing target and introduce a minimum corporate tax rate, while protecting the working poor.’

It argues that:

Government claims that Budget 2013 was “as fair as it could be” are untrue.

For the second year in a row this Government introduced a Budget that was deeply regressive, both socially and economically. It did nothing to foster economic recovery or to provide a vision and direction for the country.

  • The current approach to resolving Ireland’s series of crises is not working.
  • This situation has been exacerbated by the Government’s protection of the rich at the expense of the rest of us.
  • Budget 2013 should provide a major investment programme and protect public services.