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Articles for 2017's budget

Each year, on the day after the annual Budget is announced, Social Justice Ireland produces an analysis and critique of that Budget. Included in that document is an assessment of the direct distributive impact of the measures announced by Government. These principally capture changes to income taxes, welfare payments and other universal payments/entitlements.  This document reproduces the most recent analysis, following Budget 2017, and also provides more details on the approach taken by Social Justice Ireland to generate these results.

Budget 2017 yet again ignores the working poor.  Although it contained a number of welcome initiatives, the working poor gain the least.  The choices Government made in cutting the Universal Social Charge and income tax are unfair and provide larger gains to those on higher incomes compared to those on lower incomes. 

Government should spend €1bn fiscal space on infrastructure to improve productivity and competitiveness in Budget 2017.  This would be a far better use of resources than giving tax cuts as incentives to attract ‘Brexit refugees’ from the City of London to Dublin.  Investment is crucial to addressing Ireland’s infrastructure deficits and to delivering a vibrant, productive, competitive and sustainable economy and a just society.  Investment is the cornerstone of our policy briefing Budget Choices 2017.