Civil Society and Policy - Resources

This section contains resources for civil society and community and voluntary organisations.  This material has a particular focus on policy and on citizen engagement.  We provide this material to help these organisations to play an informed role and contribute towards influencing and shaping policy both locally and nationally.

Public Participation Networks (PPN) Circular CVSP1 2016

The following circular was released by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government  on 5 April 2016.  It covers the Activity Report 2015, Expenditure Report 2015, Funding Arrangements 2016 & Client Relationship Management (CRM) database. 

The reports are to be submitted by 22nd April and are to be signed off on behalf of both the PPN and the Local Authority.

Departmental Circular re funding and structures for PPNs CVSP-1-2015

This Circular, issued by the Department on 25 June 2015 outlines the arrangements for funding of Public Participation Networks in 2015. In addition, it gives a number of possible models for the employment of a resource worker, including a draft job description and workplan.  It also suggests a draft Memorandum of Understanding / Service Level Agreement between a Local Authority and PPN.

Public Participation Networks

Public Participation Networks (PPNs) provide an opportunity for real engagement between local people and local authorities.  PPNs have been established in all local authority areas in 2014/15.  Membership is open to not for profit groups in the social inclusion, environmental and general community and voluntary  sectors. 

Climate Justice and Policy Coherence - A Challenge for Ireland

To mark World Social Justice Day Social Justice Ireland  hosted a seminar to discuss the challenges that climate justice poses to policy making in Ireland both from a national and international perspective.  Two presentations outling the national and international challenges were given by the EPA and Trocaire respectively.  These presentations are available to download below.  This event also forms part of Social Justice Ireland's contribution to the European Year of Development 2015.