Annual Social Policy Conference

Society Matters: Reconnecting People and the State


 COMMENCING AT 9-25am on Tue 21st Nov

Ash Suite, Croke Park, Tuesday 21st November 2017 9-30am to 5pm
Keynote Address by President Michael D. Higgins


Ireland has changed considerably in the past 30 years. It seems now we are in the middle of a global shift of ideas, values and politics.   With a generational shift in politics clearly taking place in Ireland, what values will emerge from this country over the coming years?

With the rise of populism around the world Ireland needs to prove itself a leader in responsible and informed democratic participation.  Can we do that?

Can new politics deliver a different relationship between people and the State in Ireland?  What kind of Ireland do we want to shape through our Civic participation? What is the role of the Citizen?   How do we reconnect people with the State and do we need a new Social Contract for citizens to engage with? 

President Michael D. Higgins will give a keynote address at the conference.

The conference will discuss economic insecurity and political radicalisation (Manuel Munoz), the ‘new politics of inequality’ (Lorenza Antonucci), Europe’s fragile cohesion (Michael Dauderstadt), sustainability and society (Cara Augustenborg), bridging the urban/rural divide (Áine Macken-Walsh), business and society (Danny McCoy), trade unions and society (Jack O’Connor), promoting local participation and looking forward towards a new social contract (Sara Bourke, Seán Healy and Eamon Murphy – Social Justice Ireland).

The conference will be chaired by Michael Clifford, journalist and broadcaster.

The full proramme and speaker details can be downloaded below.

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Social Justice Ireland has been running the annual policy conference series for 30 years.