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A wide range of material on many policy issues is available on this page.  This includes both material and commentary from Social Justice Ireland and material from other sources.  The policy issues are listed alphabetically in the menu on this page.

Ireland is at significant risk of not meeting its EU 2020 targets.

Figures released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that while Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions will comply with its Kyoto Protocol obligations (2008 – 2012), Ireland is at significant risk of not meeting its EU 2020 targets even under the best-case scenario.

The publication of two studies on public services in Ireland is welcomed by Social Justice Ireland. Achieving quality in public services requires both a commitment to preventing harms and a search for continuous improvement.

The Irish Prison Service has misled the general public in a recent statement. It claimed to be introducing a range of ‘gratuity’ payments for those held in prison, supposedly to reward good behaviour while punishing those who are disruptive or refuse to engage with rehabilitative services.

  • Children should not have to pay for gambling losses of bankers and developers
  • Ireland can balance its budget without victimising children
  • IMF urged to propose fair and just solutions to Ireland’s problems

Social Justice Ireland welcomes the Euro Area Summit (June 28-29, 2012) conclusion that "it is imperative to break the vicious circle between banks and sovereigns". This is a development we have advocated for almost four years. However, the specifics of how this is to be done and what its impact will be on Ireland's budgetary situation are not clear. 

The Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy document does not contain any measureable outputs, policy goals or short, medium or long-term implementation plans in order to reach the stated targets. 

It would be totally unacceptable for Government to introduce a process of social dialogue that would benefit the rich and exclude the rest of us according to Social Justice Ireland, commenting on a proposal presented by the General Secretary of Impact, Mr Shay Cody recently. 

The average tax and social security/insrance burden on employment incomes increased in 26 out of 34 OECD countries in 2011 according to the new OECD Taxing Wages publication.

The Government faces a significant challenge in meeting the Europe 2020 Broadband targets as outlined by the report of the Next Generation Broadband Taskforce which was published last week.