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Social Justice Ireland welcomes ‘Troika’ statement on the need to protect the vulnerable

The ‘troika’ statement that the most vulnerable in society should be protected is very welcome. So too is their statement that the ‘troika’ are committed to helping those who need help.

In its meeting with the ‘troika’ on Monday last Social Justice Ireland presented detailed evidence which showed that the vulnerable had been very negatively impacted on by some of the provisions of Budget 2012. In some cases the most vulnerable had taken the largest ‘hit’ from some of the Budget’s initiatives. 

Social Justice Ireland also pointed out that while the ‘troika’s had stated that ‘Government should be guided in its decision-making by the principle of protecting the vulnerable’ this principle is not being heeded. Government has made a range of decisions that seriously damage Ireland’s most vulnerable people and place a disproportionate burden on their shoulders.   Consequently, Social Justice Ireland strongly urged the IMF/ECB/EC troika to include these commitments on protecting the vulnerable and on prioritising unemployment within the text of the Memorandum of Understanding.