Policy issues concerning Children

Time to address poverty among children and young people

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.  Over 213,000 children in Ireland are at risk of poverty and over 414,000 of all children in Ireland are experiencing deprivation.  A further very concerning trend that has emerged in Ireland is the significant increase in the number of young people aged 18-24 who are at risk of poverty.  Since 2008 this figure has increased by 13 percentage points.

Social Justice Ireland's analysis and policy proposals on Income Distribution

Tackling poverty and income inequality effectively is a multifaceted task. It requires action on many fronts, ranging from healthcare and education to accommodation and employment. However, the most important requirement in tackling poverty is the provision of sufficient income to enable people to live life with dignity.  This forms a core element of Social Justice Ireland’s Policy Framework for a Just Ireland.

218,000 children at risk of poverty – up 35,000 in two years

The number of children at risk of poverty rose by more than 35,000 in two years between 2007 and 2009, the most recent year for which statistics are available. The income of a household of four on social welfare is currently €80 a week below the poverty line. However, it is crucial to realise that child poverty cannot be addressed in isolation; it needs to be considered within the wider issue of household poverty.