Policy issues concerning Global South

ODA target and implementing SDG's should be a priority

Ireland should continue to play an active and effective part in promoting genuine development in the Global South and to ensure that all of Ireland’s policies are consistent with such development.  In order to do this Ireland should now move towards being a leader in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reaching the ODA target of 0.7% GDP by 2021.

National Social Monitor shows need for much greater investment in areas such as ageing, social housing and sustainability

We are focussing far too much on the performance of the economy and not nearly enough on issues such as aging, social housing and sustainability, that have major implications for the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole according to the National Social Monitor 2015 published by Social Justice Ireland.  It goes on to argue that a balance is required between the various aspects of life if the wellbeing of this and future generations is to be secured.

Social Justice Ireland's analysis and policy proposals on the Global South

Ireland can and should play a prominent role in the development of Sustainable Development Goals for the planet in 2015.  Government should also commit to ensuring it reaches the ODA target of 07.% GNP by 2020. A full analysis of the policy challenges and proposals on the Global South are outlined in our Socio-Economic Review 2015 ‘Towards a Just Society’.  The chapter is available below.

Impact of Basic Income- Basic Income schemes in 28 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa evaluated by World Bank

Social Justice Ireland welcomes the publication by The World Bank of a report on Basic Income schemes in 28 Sub-Saharan countries.  Entitled The Cash Dividend: The rise of cash transfer programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Marito Garcia and Charity M. T. Moore concludes that many positive outcomes can already be identified as flowing from these cash transfer programmes. 

Persistence of poverty calls for a new approach to development for countries across the world - North and South

There are 920m people in the Global South living on less than $1.25 a day. In a world with resources many times what is required to eliminate global poverty this situation is intolerable according to the latest Policy Briefing fromSocial Justice Ireland.  

World Bank's 'Doing Business' rankings are actively harming the poor

CAFOD, the UK development aid organisation, has warned that the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ rankings are actively harming the poor. This is a further example of a tendency in international agencies to use data selectively which then provides an inaccurate analysis which, in turn, leads on to inappropriate policy recommendations.