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Policy issues concerning Media

story in The Irish Times (March 7, 2014) shows that Apple paid €36m tax on $7.11bn profits at its Irish unit. This is a scandal that must be addressed now by the Irish Government. Social Justice Ireland sets out some proposals below.

Over the past decade mass media has often promoted false assumptions and communicated poor social analysis and, in many cases, is continuing to do so today according to Fr Seán Healy, SMA, Director of Social Justice Ireland. 
Addressing journalism students in the University of Limerick Seán Healy argued that:

POVERTY is something we cannot afford, according to the European Commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion.

The Government’s proposed National Asset Management Agency (Nama) will buy loans worth €77 billion at a discount of 30 per cent. The Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan told the Dáil that NAMA would pay approximately €54bn for loans it takes over from Irish banks. According to the Minister this amount is an estimate based on the long-term economic value of the assets against which the loans were secured.