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Policy issues concerning Values

Social Justice Ireland's work on developing a Universal Basic Income for Ireland was acknowledged by Noel Whelan in his op-ed article in The Irish Times on September 15, 2017.

A discussion of the values underpinning decisions before and after the crisis forms part of the final chapter of our Socio-Economic Review 2015 'Towards a Just Society'.  This chapter is available below.

Social Justice Ireland's presentation at the Social Policy Conference 2014 is available to view.  Click the 'read more' link below to watch a larger video or to download the full text of the presentation.

The common good consists primarily of having the social systems, institutions and environments on which all depend, work in a manner that benefits all people simultaneously and in solidarity.  Social Justice Ireland's understanding of the common good is outlined here.

For publications and articles on catholic social thought and values click here.