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This section contains all of Social Justice Ireland’s publications.   These publications are divided into a number of categories – Paper, Policy Briefing, Presentation, Research, Social Policy Book, Socio-Economic Review and Submission.  This section also contains publications on issues not included in the categories listed and publications from other sources.  These are contained in the category ‘Other’.

Fairness and Tax Reform

Social Justice Ireland’s policy briefing on Fairness and Tax Reform examines the need to raise Ireland’s overall tax take.  It outlines how this can be done in a fair way by reforming the tax system and broadening the tax base.  The briefing also focuses on corporate tax reform and assesses a number of income tax and USC proposals from the persepctive of fairness and the most appropriate use of limited resources.  

Employment Monitor - Issue 3

This report is the third issue of Social Justice Ireland’s Employment Monitor; a quarterly output examining Ireland’s employment situation, including employment numbers, significant labour market trends, and other aspects of the macro-economy.  In this issue, the Employment Monitor focuses on underemployment, low pay, and income adequacy.