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The text of Government's Budget documentation is available below 

"When I presented the Supplementary Budget to this House last April, I said we could work 

Government's Pre-Budget White Paper was published on December 4, 2009.  The full text is available  below 

Return to work patterns are often a function of more than financial rewards and 
include such considerations as work availability, family commitments, travel to work 
time and the type of available employment. However, financial incentives are 
important and these depend on the balance between the individual/family’s disposable 
income when employed and when unemployed. 
The replacement rate for given income levels measures the proportion of out-of-work 

The following statement was issued on November 12th, 2009 by the Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan, TD as the Government’s Pre-Budget Outlook was launched.
The Department of Finance today published its Pre-Budget Outlook in which the Irish economy is projected to contract by 1½ per cent next year following a decline of 7½ per cent this year. The 2010 forecast is an improvement from the April forecast of just under a 3 per cent contraction.

The 2010 Budget represents a futher step in the process of getting Irish 
fiscal policy back onto a sustainable path. This process started with the 
2009 Budget published in October 2008, and continued, inter alia, with the 
Supplementary Budget in April this year.
Over recent months, the global economy has begun to show some signs of recovery and there is growing 
evidence that the worst may be over in terms of the domestic downturn. 
Establishment and terms of reference
The Commission was established on 14 February 2008 to review the structure, efficiency and 
appropriateness of the Irish taxation system and with the intention that our work would help establish the 
framework within which tax policy would be set for the next decade at least. 
Our terms of reference are far-reaching. We were asked to have regard to the commitments on economic 
competitiveness and on taxation contained in the Programme for Government, in particular the four 

Full document can be downoaded below. 

Rooting the Catholic Social Thought Perspective in the National Consciousness and in the Development of Social Policy: An Irish Experience

Sean Healy, S.M.A. and Brigid Reynolds, S.M.