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The following extract from the CORI Justice ‘Policy Briefing’ published in advance of the Government’s second Budget for 2009 has been published in the May/June 2009 edition of ‘Spirituality’.

This prayer unfolds in three movements: celebration, lamentation, response.  Adapt.  Be creative in your use of music, drama and space.  Choose from among the scripture offerings.  Or you might choose to pray one movement each day.

Draft Charter of Emerging Human Rights

We are entitled more rights than we thought. The Charter of Emerging Human Rights arises 
from the global civil society in the beginning of the 21st century with the aim to contribute to 
the design of a new horizon of rights that will orient the social and cultural movements of 
collectivities and peoples, and that will at the same time be inscribed in the contemporary 

There is one dominant framework or paradigm concerning work that is accepted in most of the western world. This paradigm equates meaningful work with paid employment. It asserts that full time jobs are available for everyone seeking them, that these jobs will provide adequate income for people holding them and their 'dependants' and that good social insurance will be available for people who are sick or unemployed.

Rooting the Catholic Social Thought Perspective in the National Consciousness and in the Development of Social Policy: An Irish Experience.

Text of Paper by Sean Healy, S.M.A. and Brigid Reynolds, S.M. presented at conference on: THE CALL TO JUSTICE: THE LEGACY OF GAUDIUM ET SPES 40 YEARS LATER March 17, 2005, Vatican City

Paper presented to Boston University CORI Justice Commission conference on CHURCH AND THEOLOGY IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD February 12, 2002. Download Pdf

CORI Justice has published a new book on Values, Catholic Social Thought and Public Policy . It addresses a wide range of issues including economics, corporate social responsibilit

On October 11, the Government published its White Paper in advance of Budget 2009.Without taking into account changes to be introduced on Budget Day it shows an expected Budget deficit of nearly €15bn in 2009, a reduction in capital spending of 6.3% and an expected fall in tax revenue of more than €1bn in 2009.  Initiatives to be announced on Budget Day will cause these numbers to change. 

The text of the first formal review of the National Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016 has now been published.  This review started in February and concluded in September 2008. During that period there were dramatic changes in the economic and fiscal context in which the review was taking place.