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The text of the first formal review of the National Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016 has now been published.  This review started in February and concluded in September 2008. During that period there were dramatic changes in the economic and fiscal context in which the review was taking place.

Government published the Finance Bill on November 20th, 2008.  They also published an explanatory memo and list of the items contained in the bill.

Documents can be accessed below

Ireland's Growing Population: An Emerging Challenge Aidan Punch
The principal focus of this chapter is projecting the population of
Ireland. This will draw on the work we have carried out in the Central
Statistics Office (CSO) on national population and labour force
projections2 and more recently on regional population projections3.

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‘Fairness and Wellbeing’…. At least I think we can all agree that

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The World Health Organisation’s definition of health is “complete