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Commission for the Econonomic Development of Rural Areas report on Rural Ireland entitled 'Energising Ireland's Rural Economy' published in April 2014.

The Health Service Executive Service Plan 2013.

The CSO Report ‘Regional Quality of Life in Ireland, 2013’ highlights some of the differences in income distribution, employment, education and housing between urban and rural areas.

The Government of Ireland published a Medium Term Economic Strategy in Deceober 2013.

The Great Recession of 2007-09 has led to a significant increase in public debt, in large part due to the collapse in tax revenues as incomes fell. Other contributors to the debt build-up were the costs of financial bailouts of banks and companies, and the fiscal stimulus provided by many countries to stave off a Great Depression. As a consequence, in advanced economies public debt has increased on average from 70 percent of GDP in 2007 to about 100 percent of GDP in 2011—its highest level in 50 years (IMF Fiscal Monitor, 2012).

The International Monetary Fund published the 8th Review and Country Report for Ireland as part of the economic adjustment programme in December 2012.

Social Justice Ireland welcomes the NESC report Quality and Standards in Human Services in Ireland: Disability Services which has just been published. The report reviews existing regulation and quality processes in Ireland’s disability services, drawing on interviews with a range of stakeholders.

A joint OECD and European Commission report on Health expenditure.

Social Justice Ireland welcomes the Troika's call on Government to minimise the burden of adjustment on the most vulnerable in Budget 2013.  In a statement at the conclusion of the eighth quarterly review of Ireland's Bailout, the Troika state: "The measures adopted in Budget 2013 should be durable, as growth-friendly as possible, and minimise the burden of adjustment on the most vulnerable."