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Publications of type Policy Briefing

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing on Poverty and Income Distribution 

Social Justice Irelands Analysis and Critique of Budget 2013

For the second year in a row this Government introduced a Budget that was deeply regressive, both socially and economically. It did nothing to foster economic recovery or to provide a vision and direction for the country.

Social Justice Ireland's Briefing on Referendum on Fiscal Compact

Social Justice Ireland presented a briefing on the Fiscal Compact to the Joint Oireacthtas Committee on European Union Affairs on March 15, 2012. 

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing on Ireland and the Global South. 

Social Justice Ireland Analysis and Critique of Budget 2012

Social Justice Ireland shows ‘Troika how poor and vulnerable people can be protected in Budget 2012 and beyond

The ‘troika’ has been told that the reduction in Ireland’s borrowing in 2012 and subsequent years should be achieved by increasing taxation (but not income tax) by €2 for every €1 reduction in funding of public services.

Social Justice Ireland published (October 4, 2011) a fully-costed set of Budget Proposals as part of its Policy Briefing on Budget Choices.  These proposals show how Government could r

Social Justice Ireland published a Policy Briefing on Healthcare on June 7, 2011.

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing on  Work, Unemployment, Job Creation.