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Publications from 2012

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing on Ireland and the Global South. 

The following report was compiled by Social Justice Ireland in the context of the Europe 2020 
Strategy and of Ireland’s National Reform Programme which sets out Ireland’s contribution to 
achieving the overarching targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy. 
The report covers three of the five headline targets established in the Irish National Reform 
Programme, namely, education, employment and ‘poverty and social exclusion’. On each of 

Does The European Social Model Have A Future? is the title of Social Justice Ireland’s Social Policy Book for 2012

For €15 (including packaging and posatge) you can purchase Social Justice Ireland's annual Socio-Economic Review for 2012 Does the European Social Model Have a Future

Social Justice Ireland Analysis and Critique of Budget 2012

Social Justice Ireland published (October 4, 2011) a fully-costed set of Budget Proposals as part of its Policy Briefing on Budget Choices.  These proposals show how Government could r