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Publications from 2014

The full text of a Policy Briefing on Work, Jobs and Unemployment, published by Social Justice Ireland on April 27, 2015 may be accessed here.

Ireland is facing major choices,  They are the same choices that faced the country in the early 2000s.  They weren't addressed directly then and there is little evidence that they are being addressed directly now.  The chapters in Planning and Delivering a Fairer Future - Values, Democracy and Service Provision seek to address these choices.  They set out the challenges facing us and identify options, frameworks and pathways towards a future that would be just, sustainable and desirable.

This paper examines the distributional impact of some of the income tax proposals currently being suggested by various members of Government and others. This study is a contribution to the debate and discussion which is currently taking place regarding income tax. 

The National Social Monitor 2014 outlines the present situation on a range of policy issues that impact on people’s well-being.  Social Justice Ireland presents the National Social Monitor as a contribution to the public debate that is urgently needed on Ireland’s future and how Ireland is performing in terms of promoting the wellbeing of all in society. 

This Policy Briefing examines the key challenges facing Ireland in terms of poverty and income distribution and sets out policy proposals for addressing income inequality and reducing poverty rates.

The key focus of the local and European elections should be securing the wellbeing of this and future generations.  Social Justice Ireland’s policy briefing ‘Elections 2014’ identifies some key issues and actions required that are critical to shaping a fairer future. 

Social Justice Ireland has just published its annual review of the social inclusion aspects of Ireland's National Reform Programme and the Europe 2020 Strategy.  The review examines Ireland's performance in relation to the targets set within the National Reform Programme on poverty and social inclusion, employment and education.

This paper examines the distributional impact of changing income tax looking specifically at three options.

The full Document can be downloaded below

Social Justice Ireland's Submision to the European Parliament Economic and Monetary Commitee on January 17, 2014