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Publications from 2016

Our Social Policy Book 2016 examines the topic of basic income.  It addresses questions such as:

  • Would a Basic Income system make a difference?
  • How could such a system be put in place?
  • What would it cost?
  • Can we afford it?
  • How are Basic Income proposals being advanced in other countries?

This books is available to download below.  The chapters were first presented at a policy conference on the topic of ‘Basic Income: Radical Utopia or Practical Solution?'.

This paper charts the history and recent developments on Basic Income in Ireland.  It was first published as a chapter in our 2016 Social Policy publication 'Basic Income - Radical Utopia or practical Solution?'.  

The latest issue of Social Justice Ireland's quarterly employment monitor examines rural and regional trends in employment, unemployment and labour force participation.

Despite low overall levels of taxation, and low effective income taxation rates, reductions in income taxation levels continue to be highlighted as a potential policy reform. Social Justice Ireland has undertaken this study to examine, from the perspective of fairness, various reform choices. As a minimum, the analysis highlights the distributive impact taxation policy choices can have and the potential policy has to pursue both fair and unfair outcomes.

The National Social Monitor is Social Justice Ireland’s annual contribution to the public debate that is needed on Ireland’s future and how Ireland is performing in terms of promoting the wellbeing of all in society. 

Budget Choices 2017 outlines Social Justice Ireland's comprehensive proposals and policies and policies that can deliver a vibrant economy, a just society and a sustainable future.

Social Justice Ireland's quarterly Employment Monitor is available to download here.

A summary of Social Justice Ireland's proposals on social housing is available to dowload below.

Social Justice Ireland's policy briefing on poverty, deprivation and inequality.

Social Justice Ireland's submission on Social Housing Supply to the Oireachtas Committee on Housing and Homelessness.