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Housing: The Case for a New Philosophy P. J. Drudy

A great deal has been said and written about housing over the last

Ireland's Growing Population: An Emerging Challenge Aidan Punch
The principal focus of this chapter is projecting the population of
Ireland. This will draw on the work we have carried out in the Central
Statistics Office (CSO) on national population and labour force
projections2 and more recently on regional population projections3.

Government published the Finance Bill on November 20th, 2008.  They also published an explanatory memo and list of the items contained in the bill.

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Twelve Principles to Guide Economic Life

A Catholic Framework for Economic Life. National Conference of Catholic Bishops - USA, November, 1996

Given the current economic upheaval many have asked if the Catholic Social Thought tradition has anything to offer to the ongoing discussion.  One useful starting point might be a book on Values, Catholic Social Thought and Public Policy published by CORI Justice Download Pdf.  It addr

February 12, 2002: THE PRACTICE OF SPIRITUALITY AND SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT by Brigid Reynolds sm and Sean Healy sma

Paper presented to Boston University/CORI Justice Commission conference on CHURCH AND THEOLOGY IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD February 12, 2002.

David Begg, General Secretary, ICTU, At conference on Church and Theology in the Contemporary World Organised by the CORI Justice Commission and Boston University February 11th, 2002

Those who have sought to create the conditions for a just society in Ireland have often faced difficulties. The most prominent casualty in recent memory was Mr Justice Declan Costello. In the 1960's he promoted "the just society policy" in the Fine Gael party and, in so doing, put an end to his political career.