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Policy Briefing

Analysis shows poorest 10% took biggest hit since the crash.  Latest statistics show poorest 10% of population lost 18.4% of real disposable income compared to 11.4% loss among the richest 10% since the crash of 2008.

Budget 2014 provides no guiding vision, no real sense of direction for Ireland’s future, and no sustainable solutions to the major challenges Ireland faces.

Social Justice Ireland's  Policy Briefing on Investing for Growth, Jobs and Recovery 2013 

Social Justice Ireland's Budget Choices 2014

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing-Programme for Solidarity and Sustainable Recovery 2013

Social Justice Ireland presented this policy briefing to the Troika (International Monetary Fund, European Commission, European Central Bank) on Monday, October 22, 2012.

There is absolutely no justification for Government to reduce social welfare rates in Budget 2013 according to Social Justice Ireland.

Children should not have to pay for gambling losses of bankers and developers - IMF criticised

  • Children should not have to pay for gambling losses of bankers and developers
  • Ireland can balance its budget without victimising children
  • IMF urged to propose fair and just solutions to Ireland’s problems

Social Justice Ireland's Policy Briefing on Poverty and Income Distribution 

Social Justice Irelands Analysis and Critique of Budget 2013

For the second year in a row this Government introduced a Budget that was deeply regressive, both socially and economically. It did nothing to foster economic recovery or to provide a vision and direction for the country.