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Policy Briefing

Social Justice Ireland's policy briefing Budget 2016 Analysis and Critique is available below.

In this detailed briefing document, Social Justice Ireland outlines a series of investment packages, and a corresponding series of tax reform proposals, for Budget 2016. 

Social Justice Ireland's Response to the Government's Spring Economic Statement 2015 may be accessed here.

The full text of a Policy Briefing on Work, Jobs and Unemployment, published by Social Justice Ireland on April 27, 2015 may be accessed here.

Social Justice Ireland's analysis and critique of Budget 2015 is available to read below.

This Policy Briefing examines the key challenges facing Ireland in terms of poverty and income distribution and sets out policy proposals for addressing income inequality and reducing poverty rates.

Social Justice Ireland policy briefing Budget Choices 2015 outlines a fully costed alternative budget and presents a series of proposals for Budget 2015 that would see Ireland’s borrowing reduced to below 3% of GDP, make the tax system fairer, protect public services, protect vulnerable people and invest in Ireland's social infrastructure.

The key focus of the local and European elections should be securing the wellbeing of this and future generations.  Social Justice Ireland’s policy briefing ‘Elections 2014’ identifies some key issues and actions required that are critical to shaping a fairer future. 

A Framework for Budget 2017 outlines some key initiatives that Social Justice Ireland is proposing for implemention in Budget 2017 and is part of our ongoing contribution to the Budgetary process.

Analysis shows poorest 10% took biggest hit since the crash.  Latest statistics show poorest 10% of population lost 18.4% of real disposable income compared to 11.4% loss among the richest 10% since the crash of 2008.