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As the Minister for Finance acknowledged in his Budget speech, the past 19 months has been a period of major challenge for the healthcare system with staff, facilities and patients put under enormous strain. However, the successful delivery of the Covid-19 vaccination programme illustrates the ability of that system to respond in a coordinated way, adapt as challenges emerge and successfully implement a complex programme across the state.

Ireland, like all other European countries and most other developed world states, has relied on large scale borrowing to cope with the reduction in tax revenue and pay for the various welfare and enterprise supports necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the accommodative approach of the European Central Bank has allowed Government to easily access funds and at historically low interest rates.

Appropriate and sufficient investment is vital to a balanced and fair post-Covid recovery where no-one is left behind.  Unfortunately Budget 2022 has failed to deliver the necessary investment in social infrastructure for such a recovery. 

Budget 2022 is due to be announced on Tuesday, 12th October 2021. If you're curious as to what the Budget is really all about, check out our video and FAQs as a quick guide to what it is and how it might affect you.

Our policy briefing 'A Regional Recovery and Budget 2022' outlines our proposals for regional investment and recovery.

Building a regional recovery must be a priority in Budget 2022.  The social and economic impact of the pandemic on the regions will be lasting.  Therefore, appropriate and sufficient investment is vital to a balanced and fair post-Covid recovery where no-one is left behind

Social Justice Ireland is calling on Government to increase in core social welfare rates by €10 per week in Budget 2022 and to commit to benchmarking core social welfare rates to 27.5 per cent of average earnings over two years. Government must not to leave those on social welfare behind for a third successive budget. 

Social Welfare Rates: Budget 2022 outlines the case for Benchmarking and Indexation of Social Welfare Rates in Budget 2022.

People should be assured of the required treatment and care in their times of illness and vulnerability.  The standard of care is dependent to a great degree on the resources made available, which in turn are dependent on the expectations of society.

The experience of the last decade has highlighted the centrality of taxation in budget deliberations and to policy development. Taxation plays a key role in shaping Irish society through funding public services, supporting economic activity, and redistributing resources to enhance the fairness of society. Consequently, it is crucial that clarity exist with regard to both the objectives and instruments aimed at achieving these goals.