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Budget Analysis

What income changes arose from the tax and benefit measures taken in Budget 2020? What are the effective tax rates now for different levels of income, and how do they compare with effective rates over time? Click here to see.

Budget 2020 marks the fourth Budget of the current Government. Our analysis tracks the cumulative impact of changes to income taxation and welfare following all four of this Government’s Budgets.

Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. What did last week's Budget do to help eradicate poverty?

You wait all year for Social Justice Ireland to release a podcast and two come along in one week!  Our new podcast, Social Justice Matters, is now live on our website and on Spotify. Following the announcement of Budget 2020 last week, we have an interview with our CEO, Dr. Seán Healy, on an overview of Budget 2020 and a live recording of our Budget 2020 Analysis and Critique seminar recorded in Buswells Hotel less than 24 hours after the announcement of the Budget itself. Tune in!! 

Brexit is just this year’s excuse for failing to improve the lot of some of our society's most vulnerable. Despite some positives, those with a disability remain uniquely exposed to the risk of poverty.

Brexit has the potential to even further reduce the living standards of Ireland's most vulenerable. A sudden increase in food prices will hit lower income households hardest. Here's why.

Less than 24 hours after Minister Donohoe stood up in the Dáil to deliver his Budget speech, Social Justice Ireland published the first full and comprehensive analysis of Budget 2020.
Click here to read our analysis, or to view the video of our post-Budget 2020 seminar, delivered the morning after Budget Day.

Budget 2020 failed in its basic task to protect the vulnerable. While TDs will see their salaries rise by about €1,600 in the coming year (€30 a week) many of Ireland’s most vulnerable people will see their welfare payments remain unchanged.

Budget 2020, announced yesterday, contained a range of measures that will affect individuals, communities and society generally.  Check out our short presentation on how Budget 2020 affects you and your Community.

We have strongly advocated on economic and social issues and consistently highlighted fair and progressive options that are available to Government within the Budgetary process. Here are some of the policy areas we have consistently highlighted in our budgetary proposals and where progress has been made.