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While Ireland faces a number of challenges, it is important to remember that many people in the world face a far worse situation. Budget 2020 should be seen as an opportunity to build on the progress made last year in moving towards the UN-agreed target for overseas aid.

Investment in education at all levels and throughout the life cycle can deliver a more equal society and prepare citizens to participate in a democracy. Social Justice Ireland has proposed a €429m education package for Budget 2020 that includes investment in areas such as adult literacy, DEIS, skills development, and community education.

The contribution of airplane emissions to climate change is well documented. It's time the aviation industry made a contribution to society that more accurately reflects the harm it does while ultimately incentivising individuals to fly less. Click here to read how Government could raise €200m in 2020 while benefiting the environment.

As different policy priorities can be articulated for each Budget, it is useful to bring together their cumulative effect. Here, we assess the cumulative impact of changes to income taxation and welfare over the three Budgets of the current Government (Budget 2017, 2018 and 2019).

Investment in Children and Families is an essential investment in our social and human capital now and into the future. Our Budget 2020 submission contains a number of costed proposals in this area.

Government's annual budget is the best opportunity available for policymakers to begin to tackle the various crises, challenges, and infrastructural deficits faced by Ireland. To achieve the various objectives, policy over the next few years must focus on increasing Ireland’s tax-take. Ireland needs an Adequate Tax-Take. Budget 2020 is the time to take a first step.

To achieve the objectives of providing adequate and appropriate accommodation in sufficient numbers, reducing social housing waiting lists and eliminating homelessness, Government must pursue the following four proposals in Budget 2020.

Employment numbers have been a major “good news story” in Ireland’s economic recovery and Budget 2020 is an opportunity to take steps to ensure these positive trends continue. Social Justice Ireland has, in our recently launched Budget Choices 2020 submission, identified a number of areas for investment.

Click here to read Budget Choices 2020, Social Justice Ireland's submission to government ahead of Budget 2020. You can also watch the video of the launch of Budget Choices 2020, where we go through the key details of our submission.

On the surface Ireland is outperforming most countries in the EU when it comes to levels of economic growth and employment.  However, a closer analysis tells a different story.  If we are to address the housing crisis, tackle the long waiting lists in our healthcare system and meet our climate targets then Budget 2020 must be economically sound and socially fair.