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The current approach to housing policy in Ireland is not working; the private sector will never build social housing units on the scale required.  Government must commit to building sufficient social housing units to eliminate the current housing waiting list.  This is the only way to address Ireland’s ongoing housing and homelessness crisis.  This is a key finding of Social Justice Ireland's National Social Monitor 2017.

The CSO recently published part 2 in a series of summary results from Census 2016 covering areas such as employment, socio-economic groups, skills, labour force participation and health.  This document highlights some very challenging trends in Ireland.  This data should guide and inform policy making in the areas of employment, education and training, caring, health and transport. 

Demographics in Ireland are changing and this will have a significant impact on public policy.  It will mean increased pressure on education places at all levels, increased pressure on our health and community services as our population ages, and a changing labour force in the longer term.

Social Justice Ireland's General Election briefing on Demographic change.