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Spending on long-term care in OECD countries is set to double, even triple, by 2050, driven by ageing populations. Governments need to make their long-term care policies more affordable and provide better support for family careers and professionals, according to a new OECD report.

The Government has revised its macroeconomic and fiscal projections. The updated Stability and Growth Programme (published April 29, 2011) forecasts growth in GDP (gross domestic product) to be 0.75% compared to the forecast published with the Budget last December.

The full text of the 172-page Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Banking Sector in Ireland was published on April 20, 2011.

Systemic financial crises, like the recent Irish one, require a great number of institutions, enterprises 

The Panel was established by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan on 10 September, 
2010, to examine the Department of Finance’s performance over the last ten years and 
advise how the Department might adapt to meet the challenges of the future. Ireland’s 
economic challenges are substantial, and have become more starkly defined over the three 
month period of our review. 
2. We had enormous support conducting our review. We met a large number of people 

The full text of the Finance Bill 2011 and related documents can be accessed below.

There are three documents in this series:

 Report of the Expert Group on Resource Allocation and Financing in the Health Sector

Evidence to support Expert Group Report Vol 1

Evidence to support Expert Group Report Vol 2

2004 February 11: Paper by James Robertson on THE ROLE OF MONEY AND FINANCE: Changing a Central Part of the Problem into a Central Part of the Solution.