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Fiscal Policy

Ireland needs a combination of vision and pragmatic policies that can truly move the country towards a desirable and sustainable future. The lack of a “guiding vision” in Ireland has led to a lack of coherence at the core of public policy.  The need for long-term planning, a new social contract and a guiding vision to underpin policy were among the issues addressed at Social Justice Ireland's Social Policy Conference 2014.

Social Justice Ireland's Socio Economic Review 2014 'Steps Towards a Fairer Future' is a 320-page Review which analyses the economic challenges facing Irish people and the impact of policies put in place by Government. It sets out five key policy areas it proposes should be addressed simultaneously if we are to build a fairer future i.e. macroeconomic stability, just taxation, social protection, governance and sustainability.  Below is a podcast outlining the contents of the review.

Dr Brigitte Unger director of the WSI (Economic and Social Institute) presented a paper at Social Justice Ireland’s Social Policy Conference 2013 entitled ‘Towards a Social Europe’.  It addresses the threats to social policies after the financial crisis, models for a Social Europe and specific suggestions for creating a Social Europe.

Isvtán P. Svékely, European Commission DG for Economic and Financial Affairs, presented a paper at the Social Policy Conference 2013 which examined social developments in Ireland at the time of fiscal consolidation.  The paper explored social indicators and challenges ahead.  It was co-authored by Miroslav Florián.

Robert Watt, Secretary General of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform presented a paper examining the fiscal challenges facing Ireland at the Social Justice Ireland Social Policy Conference 2013.  The paper addressed State expenditure, new fiscal rules and sustaining social cohesion.

Professor Anton Hemerijck presented a paper at Social Justice Ireland's Social Policy Conference 2013 entitled ‘21st Century European Social Investment Imperatives’.  The paper examines the possibility of a New Deal in Europe and the economics of Social Investment.

The paper is available here.

The presentation and Q & A session are available to view below.

'Presepctives on the Fiscal Challegnes Facing Ireland' - paper presented by Robert Watt at Social Justice Ireland's social policy conference 2013 'A Future Worth Living For'.

Social Justice Ireland's paper presented at the annual social Policy conference 'A Future Worth Living For' in November 2013.;

The IMF has just published the 8th Review and Country Report on Ireland.  The report outlines the substantial challenges facing Ireland in 2013.  Growth projections for our trading partners have been revised down and domestic demand is expected to contract again in 2013.  The IMF also notes that if growth projections for 2013 were to disappoint, any additional fiscal consolidation should be deferred to 2015 to protect the recovery.