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Human Rights

This paper outlines Social Justice Ireland's understanding of human dignity and human rights. 

National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion) 2007-2016 - Ireland

The commitments set out in this Plan are 
ambitious and challenging. The new strategic 
framework will facilitate greater co-ordination and 
integration of structures and procedures across 
Government at national and local levels, as well as 
improved reporting and monitoring mechanisms.
The world arranged itself around a distribution between sovereign states, with each state taking 
responsibility for the group that it represented. In the 21st century, however, we are living 
unavoidably in a world of greater complexity. The inter-State relations and the transnational 
movements are interlinked and crossed with confrontations between States, conflicts that 
persist, and social violences that affect entire regions.

Draft Charter of Emerging Human Rights

We are entitled more rights than we thought. The Charter of Emerging Human Rights arises 
from the global civil society in the beginning of the 21st century with the aim to contribute to 
the design of a new horizon of rights that will orient the social and cultural movements of 
collectivities and peoples, and that will at the same time be inscribed in the contemporary