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A joint OECD and European Commission report on Health expenditure.

The average tax and social security/insrance burden on employment incomes increased in 26 out of 34 OECD countries in 2011 according to the new OECD Taxing Wages publication.

The announcement by the Minister for Education and Skills that cuts announced to DEIS schools in Budget 2012 are to be reversed is in line with a recent report from the OECD. Social Justice Ireland welcomes the partial reversal of the measures introduced by Minister Quinn in Budget 2012.

As the 20 group of the world's wealthiest counttries prepare to meet later this week, Social Justice Ireland believes that the endless focus on economic growth while failing to address issues ranging from sustainabiility to fair distribution to changing the basis on which a deeply flawe

Social Justice Ireland is deeply disappointed with some of the recommendations of the OECD’s latest report on Ireland.

Social Justice Ireland has strongly criticised a proposal from the OECD that unemployment payments should be reduced over time to encourage unemployed people to take up employment. The vast majority of unemployed people would take up any job that was available.   Just a few years ago the long-term unemployment rate in Ireland was one of the lowest in the world at 1.3%.  Many people became unemployed because of the collapse in the economy.

The global recovery is becoming self-sustained and more broad based. The recovery is taking place at 
different speeds, between advanced and emerging economies, but also within the first group of 
countries. Unemployment remains high across most of the OECD countries. In most, headline inflation 
has risen strongly, and expectations are also drifting up; however, underlying inflation seems likely to 
edge up only slowly. Vibrant domestic demand growth, negative supply shocks and strong capital inflows 
The OECD published an economic forecast summary for Ireland on May 25, 2011 as part of its Economic Outlook #89 published on the same day
Ireland is continuing to undertake a comprehensive and vital adjustment programme to reduce its
macroeconomic imbalances and restore its banking system to health. Despite robust export growth,
weak domestic demand and ongoing fiscal consolidation have prevented an economic recovery from

Poverty in households with children is rising in nearly all OECD countries. Governments should ensure that family support policies protect the most vulnerable, according to the OECD’s first-ever report on family well-being.