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Establishment and terms of reference
The Commission was established on 14 February 2008 to review the structure, efficiency and 
appropriateness of the Irish taxation system and with the intention that our work would help establish the 
framework within which tax policy would be set for the next decade at least. 
Our terms of reference are far-reaching. We were asked to have regard to the commitments on economic 
competitiveness and on taxation contained in the Programme for Government, in particular the four 

February 28, 2007: Submission by CORI Justice to the Department of Finance on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and CO2 emissions

CORI Justice welcomes the decision by the Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Cowen 
T.D., to undertake a review of the nature and structure of vehicle registration tax 
(VRT) as announced in Budget 2007. For some time CORI Justice has advocated the 

Social Justice Ireland's Submission to Commission on Taxation 2009