Environmental Rights and the Community

Posted on Friday, 12 November 2021
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The UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 comes to a close this week. However, for those involved in achieving the climate action goals of COP26, the work continues.

Communities are working together to help make the changes necessary. Changes that need to take place individually, locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Information, communication and participation are key components to delivering climate action and climate justice.

Earlier this year, Community Law and Mediation (CLM) launched their new Centre for Environmental Justice. CLM were established in 1975 as the first, independent, community-based law centre in Ireland.

They recently held three training sessions on the topic of environmental rights and access to justice. These sessions will be of great interest and are a valuable tool for those seeking more information on the topic.

In the first session, Fred Logue of FP Logue Solicitors and Nicole Lange of DLA Piper speak about the Aarhus Convention and access to information on the environment.

In the second session, Alan Doyle BL and and Tessa Straathof of DLA Piper speak about the Aarhus Convention and public participation.

In the third and final session, Andrew Jackson, Environmental Lawyer and Lecturer at University College Dublin and Sophie Bluff of DLA Piper speak about access to justice.

The videos can be accessed here: https://communitylawandmediation.ie/learn-about-your-environmental-rights/