CORI Justice publishes its submission to Commission on Taxation- 2009

Posted on Wednesday, 10 June 2009

CORI Justice has made a detailed 81-page submission to the Government-appointed Commission on Taxation.

Download document from here

In it we outline our proposals for tax reform in Ireland. The role of taxation, and the need to reform the current structures of the taxation system, have been central to the work of CORI Justice for many years. To date we have published numerous documents addressing taxation reforms1 and in 2004 we hosted a conference (and published a book) on the theme of A Fairer Tax System for a Fairer Ireland.

All these publications have been guided by our core policy objective in this area:To collect sufficient taxes to ensure full participation in society for all, through a fair tax system in which those who have more, pay more, while those who have less, pay less. This core policy objective also guides the analysis, critique and proposals contained in this submission.