Bord Snip disproportionately targets those who are poor or sick or older or vulnerable- 2010 Budget

Posted on Friday, 10 July 2009

The cuts in expenditure proposed in the Bord Snip report are focused disproportionately on people who are poor or sick or older or vulnerable in some way. Cuts in welfare rates and in many services will mean that those who are vulnerable will bear the brunt of Government's attempts to balance its budget. 

Social Justice Ireland recognises full well that the country's finances are in bad shape and need to be rectified. However, Ireland is in this situation because of the activities of bankers, politicians, speculators, developers and many economists. Who should pay for the misdeeds of these people? The authors of the Bord Snip report provide a clear answer: from their perspective the vulnearable, the disadvantaged and those living in remote communities should be the hardest hit!  Social Justice Ireland rejects this conclusion totally.

We believe that a just solution to the current situation requires a combination of:

  1. An increase in the overall tax-take
  2. Cuts in expenditure that do not cause long-term damage
  3. Reform of the public sector to ensure Ireland gets value for money
  4. Protection of the vulnerable
  5. A fair resolution of the banking crisis

All of these should be done within the broader context of deciding where Irish people want to Ireland in the coming decadaes. 

We will outline our proposals (and the analysis that supports the proposals) on each of these issues in the coming weeks - well ahead of the Government decisions on Budget 2010.

A fair resolution of the banking crisis requires that the exposure of the taxpayer should be kept to an absolute minimum and that those who caused the banking crisis should be removed from their positions. Social Justice Ireland is not convinced that the policies currently in place meet either of these conditions