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Troika calls on Government to minimise burden on most vulnerable in Budget 2013

Social Justice Ireland welcomes the Troika's call on Government to minimise the burden of adjustment on the most vulnerable in Budget 2013.  In a statement at the conclusion of the eighth quarterly review of Ireland's Bailout, the Troika state: "The measures adopted in Budget 2013 should be durable, as growth-friendly as possible, and minimise the burden of adjustment on the most vulnerable."

This was one of the key proposals made by Social Justice Ireland in its meeting with the Troika during this review.  Budget 2012 was profoundly unfair as the poorest 10% of the population took a far greater hit than the richest 10%.  Social Justice Ireland believes this situaion is totally unacceptable and unjust and must not be allowed to happen again.

The troika went on to state: "The key objectives of Ireland’s EU-IMF supported programme are to address financial sector weaknesses and put Ireland’s economy on the path of sustainable growth, sound finances and job creation, while protecting the poor and most vulnerable."  Social Justice Ireland calls on Government to protect the poor and vulnerable in Budget 2013.

Document is available to Download from here