Investment in social housing and broadband should be key initiatives in Budget 2017

Posted on Monday, 20 June 2016

An adequate investment programme focused on social housing and broadband delivery must be one of the key initiatives in Budget 2017.  Budget 2017 should introduce substantially increased investment to begin delivering sufficient social housing units to eliminate the waiting list and to frontload the rollout of the fibre infrastructure for broadband to every household and business in the State.

Investment is among the key initiatives outlined in our policy briefing 'A Framework for Budget 2017'.  Investment is needed to produce a well-functioning economy, to develop inclusive labour markets, to ensure adequate income support and to ensure access to high quality services for all.  For these reasons, Budget 2017 should include details of a comprehensive investment plan to tackle Ireland’s infrastructure deficits in social housing and broadband. These two areas of economic and social infrastructure should take priority in Budget 2017.

Investment social housing and broadband will yield significant returns in terms of both employment and productivity, and will also address two of the largest infrastructural deficits in Ireland today.  If Ireland is to have strong long-term macroeconomic stability and a vibrant economy then a substantial increase in the level of public investment is required.

It is not possible to achieve every policy outcome in a single Budget; however it is possible to lay the foundations of a vibrant, just and sustainable economy and society by introducing a coherent package of measures.  Decent services and infrastructure, just taxation, good governance and sustainability are essential if the economy is to be stable and vibrant, and grow in a way that is suited to the development of a society characterised by justice, equality and well-being.  In order to deliver this, public investment must be a priority in Budget 2017.

In Budget 2017 our elected representatives can begin the process of developing a coherent and integrated policy framework that will deliver a vibrant economy, decent services and infrastructure, good governance and sustainability.

To download 'A Framework for Budget 2017' click here.