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Local Community Development Committees (LCDC) established in each Local Authority area.

The purpose of the LCDC is to develop, coordinate and implement a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development in each Local Authority Area. This document outlines the composition and role of the LCDC which have 5 PPN (Public Participation Network) representatives and will have a significant impact on each city/county, particularly with regard to social inclusion.

In this regard, each LCDC will bring together local authority members and officials, State agencies and people actively working with local development, community development, and economic, cultural and environmental organisations to implement a joined-up, crosssectoral  approach to local and community development programming.   LCDCs will, therefore, draw on the expertise and experience of public and private actors within the relevant local authority area to provide effective and efficient services to citizens and communities, and particularly those most in need of those services.

The LCDC in each county has oversight functions with regard to the LEADER (Rural Development) and SICAP (Social Inclusion and Community Activation) programmes.

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