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2010 - European Year Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Social Justice Ireland will take a number of initiatives to mark this year. 

The first of these will be the publication of a Policy Briefing on the issue of Poverty.

On Sepember 21st, Social Justice Ireland wlll hold its annual social policy conference which will address the issue of the future of the welfare state. 

Full details on these and on all related issues will be available on this website throughout the year.

Social Justice Ireland is the Irish organisation in the Caritas Europa network addressing issues of poverty, inequality, social exclusion and sustainability.

Caritas Europa launched a campaign to mark this  European Year. Entitled 'ZERO POVERY' the campaign was launched  in the European Parliament on January 27, 2009. Information on the launch can be accessed here.

Social Justice Ireland supports this campaign and proposes that both Ireland and the EU should adopt a target of zero poverty to be achieved by 2020.

You can access the Caritas Europa Zero Poverty website here

 You can access the EU website for this special year here