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ALONE report calls on the Oireachtas to take action to prevent a housing crisis for older people

Ireland's population is getting older.  According to CSO population projections, by 2031 almost a quarter of the population will be aged 60 or over.  Ireland's housing crisis is well documented, with an over-reliance on the private rented sector to meet a public housing need.  Increasing numbers of older private rented tenants will likely struggle to find landlords willing to adapt properties to suit their needs, creating a precarious situation for long-term accommodation.  Nursing homes are not the solution to a housing crisis for older people who have a spectrum of care needs.  

In their Report, ALONE propose a suite of housing options for older people with a focus on ageing in place.  This includes age-adaptable dispersed housing within communities; an increase in the availability of home adaptation grants for older people; piloting innovative initiatives such as boarding out and homesharing; the provision of a range of sheltered housing which takes account of differing levels of need of the older person; and increasing nursing home availability for those with a need for these supports.

To read the press release and full Report, visit the ALONE website here.