Children's Lives in Ireland

Posted on Monday, 16 December 2019
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GUI represents a significant investment on the part of the State, and it is as the study progresses and more waves of data are collected that its true value and contribution will be fully realised. For the moment, the findings suggest that the majority of children are doing alright, well even, when compared with their age-matched counterparts in places like the UK and Australia. The findings also suggest that children living in contexts of disadvantage are at risk of poorer developmental outcomes, although the majority of children in these contexts are still doing very well.

Dr Nixon outline the analysis that points to the important role that family processes play in this link between contexts of disadvantage (be it as a result of economic recession or living in a one-parent headed household) and children’s outcomes and highlight important targets for intervention and prevention efforts. Striving to improve parental well-being and support good quality family relationships may buffer children from negative outcomes, regardless of family structure or socio-economic disadvantage.

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