Council of Europe- Full text of draft of Council of Europe's Charter on shared social responsibilities

Posted on Monday, 28 February 2011

The political and social achievements of Europe are under threat. Public over 

indebtedness, particularly in a context of crisis, exposes states to pressures to cut back 

investment in the field of social protection, access to health-care, education and housing. 

This reduces their ability to take action against inequalities and discrimination. The 

disappearance of jobs as a result of company relocations and technological change in the 

absence of retraining and product innovation, employment insecurity and impoverishment 

of parts of the population, notably young people and the elderly, and rising levels of 

household debt challenge the principle that everyone has a right to an equitable future. 

There is a growing gap between the formal recognition and the application of the 

principles of justice, which undermines confidence in the possibility of improving living 

conditions, especially for the least advantaged, and fuels feelings of insecurity in the face 

of these changes. Fears that democratic and social achievements may be damaged or lost 

are taking precedence over aspirations for social progress. This gives rise to the danger of 

victimising groups who can most easily be blamed without any real justification, such as 

the poor, migrants and minorities. 

The full text of the draft (March 1, 2011) of the Council of Europe's Charter on  shared  social responsibiliities can be downloaded below