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Draft Charter of Emerging Human Rights

The world arranged itself around a distribution between sovereign states, with each state taking 
responsibility for the group that it represented. In the 21st century, however, we are living 
unavoidably in a world of greater complexity. The inter-State relations and the transnational 
movements are interlinked and crossed with confrontations between States, conflicts that 
persist, and social violences that affect entire regions.
Many States have grown weak and show  signs of instability and corruption. Poverty may be seen as one of the most flagrant violations of  human rights in this century. The effectiveness of rights is called into question and the issue of 
the violations committed by the States themselves has not been resolved either. These
violations, far from diminishing, are multiplying within a context marked by an obsession for 
security. Together with this, transnational relations create situations that elude the control of 
the States and the effective application of the rights that have been so difficult to proclaim.