ECB/IMF/EU insult Ireland's poorest with false claim on burden sharing

Posted on Saturday, 16 April 2011

While the texts produced by the Irish Government and the ECB/IMF/EU following the latter's review of Ireland's progress in implementing the Bailout agreement contained little information on changes or adjustments to the agreement, the latter's statement contained one blatent claim that seriously insults Ireland's poorest and most vulnerable people. 
In its opening paragraph the ECB/IMF/EU statement claimed: "Maintaining social fairness in shouldering the burden of adjustment is one of the program (sic) priorities".  Nothing could  be further from the truth.

Social Justice Ireland believes that:

-   Those who are poor and/or vulnerable are bearing an inordinate part of the burden of restructuring which, in practice, is leading to their being dispossessed as their resources (financial and services) are being appropriated to pay those who took risks, gambled their resources, lost and are now to be fully re-paid.

-   This process may be legal but it is profoundly immoral. It is a process which is securing and protecting the position and resources of those who are rich while taking away even the little they have from those who are poor, vulnerable and on the margin. It should not be allowed to continue.

-   The bailout programme should be re-negotiated. This re-negotiation should lead to an outcome:

  • Which is fair and just,
  • Where the ‘hit’ is shared by all those who caused the current series of crises and
  • In which those who are poor and vulnerable are protected.

To claim, as the  ECB/IMF/EU  statement does that ""Maintaining social fairness in shouldering the burden of adjustment is one of the program (sic) priorities" is simply to insult Ireland's poorest and most vulnerable people - a process these groups have engaged in before and seem intent on repeating