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EU 2020 Strategy begins to take shape - huge problems remain

Following the EU Summit it is hard do work out what was decided or what the response of the Heads of Government will be to the huge response of the Social and Environmental organisations who challenged the European Commiossion's claim that they broadly supported the Commission's proposals for Strategy 2020. Drawing on the media responses of participants in the Summit the Social Platform draws a number of likely outcomes for the Strategy Document.

 On content:

  • The EU 2020 Strategy will be called the EU 2020 'sustainable growth and jobs strategy'
  • There is unanimity (or consensus) on three key objectives:
  1. Growth based on knowledge and innovation
  2. Inclusive high employment society
  3. Greener growth
  • There is unanimity on the EU 2020's goal of "a new economic model: a sustainable, inclusive, competitive social market economy"

On Governance:

  • There are fewer objectives than in the original Lisbon strategy. These will be quantified and differentiated according to each member state's situation
  • The ownership of the strategy will be taken by the European Council, with more regular meetings
  • There will be one big Economic European Council (in the spring?) dedicated to the Stability Pact, the economic strategy and the climate change agenda

On Process and Timeline:

  • Packages of proposals are due to be released on March 3 by the Commission
  • Deliberations on the objectives of the strategy will take place during the Spring Summit
  • A decision on the whole package is due in June

Commission's consultation document  can be accessed here

Submission on Eu Strategy by Social Justice Ireland can be downloaded below

PDF icon Submission on Eu Strategy199.14 KB