Five key issues if Programme for Government is to deliver fairer future

Posted on Monday, 14 March 2016

The next Programme for Government should be focused on delivering five key outcomes: a vibrant economy, decent services and infrastructure, just taxation, good governance and sustainability.  Each of these is essential if Ireland is to have a fairer future. These five areas of policy need to be addressed urgently if Ireland is to move towards being a society characterised by solidarity and fairness. They form the core of Social Justice Ireland’s proposed framework for the next Programme for Government.

Decent services and infrastructure, just taxation, good governance and sustainability are essential if the economy is to be stable and vibrant, and grow in a way that is suited to the development of a society characterised by justice, equality and well-being.

These five areas are interdependent and should be addressed simultaneously.

This Policy Briefing identifies a package of measures for each key area that could be introduced in the 32nd Dáil. Among the measures proposed are: (i) a major new investment programme; (ii) broadening the revenue base; (iii) dramatically increasing the number of social housing units; (iv) reform of the Oireachtas; and (v) balanced regional development.

Priority in the Programme for Government must be given to long-term outcomes.   Substantial investment over a protracted period is required if Ireland’s social and physical infrastructure deficits are to be addressed.  Such investment is also required to ensure Ireland can adapt to the demographic changes the country faces in the coming decades as the population grows and ages.

The policy challenges which Ireland faces in the coming decades require a framework such as the one set out in this briefing if they are to be addressed in an integrated and sustainable manner.

The policy briefing is available here.