A Future Worth Living For - Vision and a Policy Framework

Posted on Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ireland needs a combination of vision and pragmatic policies that can truly move the country towards a desirable and sustainable future.  We also need to focus on evidence rather than on the endless assertions we hear communicated each day seeking to defend dubious policy developments.

These were two of the points made by Sean Healy, Brigid Reynolds and Michelle Murphy at Social Justice Ireland's Policy Conference on 'A Future Worth Living For'.

In their paper they argued that “five key pillars of policy need to be integrated and addressed simultaneously: (1) macroeconomic stability, (2) just taxation, (3) social protection, (4) reformed governance and (5) sustainability. Each of these areas needs to be addressed at the same time if Ireland is to build a future characterised by human dignity and sustainability in an effective and meaningful manner.”

"Irish society will not produce the just future most Irish people desired unless all of these five dimensions were addressed in an integrated manner.  A progressive future often seems out of reach to many people. However a fairer future is within our grasp if we recognise the need for a new policy framework that prioritises what is required for human flourishing rather than continuing along a blinkered route that focuses on economic growth to the detriment of all else.”

A Future Worth Living For - Vision and a Policy Framework the Full Document can be accessed here