Government's Renewable Energy Strategy 2012-2020 - no measurable targets

Posted on Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy document does not contain any measureable outputs, policy goals or short, medium or long-term implementation plans in order to reach the stated targets. 

The Government’s stated target for renewable energy is the target set in the Europe 2020 Strategy, that 16% of all energy consumed in the state is from renewable sources, with a sub-target of 10% in the transport sector.
Renewable energy contributed 5.0% of gross final energy use in 2009, increasing to 5.5% in 2010.  Government has outlined no interim targets or measurable outputs to ensure that it can track progress towards meeting its targets.

More worrying is the lack of progress towards the sub target of 10% of all gross final energy use in the transport sector coming from renewable sources.  Renewable energy contributed to only 1.5% of transport consumption in 2009 according to the latest figures available from the SEAI.  According to the SEAI’s Energy Forecasts for Ireland to 2020 the increased prices of fossil fuel potentially places an increased demand in electricity consumption and outlines other possible risks to Ireland reaching its 2020 targets.
Social Justice Ireland believes Government should outline measurable interim targets and invest significantly into the infrastructure needed to support and develop renewable energy in Ireland

The Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 can be downloaded below 

Irelands National Renewable Energy Action Plan can be downloaded below 

Energy Forecasts for Ireland to 2020 can be downloaded below

SEAI’s Renewable Energy in Ireland 2010 update can be downloaded below