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The Honohan Report on Ireland's Banking Crisis

The full text of the Honohan Report on the Irish Banking Crisis Regulatory and Financial Stability Policy can be  can be downloaded below. 

This Report covers the period from the establishment of the FR in 2003 to the end of 

September 2008 when the provision of exceptional Government support, in the form of 
the comprehensive State Guarantee for the liabilities of the Irish domestic banking 
system was announced. It deals with two distinct aspects: crisis prevention (in the 
years before 2008); and crisis containment (starting with the onset of the global liquidity 
crisis in August 2007).
1.2 The Report seeks to answer two questions. First, why was the danger from the 
emerging imbalances in the financial system that led to the crisis not identified more 
clearly and earlier and headed-off through decisive measures? Second, when the crisis 
began to break, were the best containment measures adopted? The Report has 
addressed both aspects with a particular focus on the performance of the Central Bank 
and the Financial Regulator throughout the period.

PDF icon The Honohan Report 1.9 MB