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HSE Service Plan reveals Government's failure to address core challenge

The HSE's Service Plan for 2010 reveals the HSE's targets for hospital, community and primary care services.  The failure of Government (not the HSE) to support the initiatives required to provide a comprehensive network of primary care teams across the country means that the healthcare system will continue failing to provide the core structural development required. A close reading of this Service Plan suggests Government is continuing its drive to privatise large parts of the healthcare system.

The Plan provides details on how the HSE plans to maintain access to appropriate treatments and services for patients and clients during 2010 despite huge cuts in its budget. The budget allocation for the HSE in 2010 is €14.07bn, a decrease of €668m on the 2009 outturn.

The 2010 Service Plan includes an additional €230 million for demand-led schemes such as medical cards, €117 million for the Fair Deal nursing homes support scheme, €10 million for home care packages for older people and €20 million for the National Cancer Control Programme. It also proposes a reduction of 33,313 in emergency admissions to hospitals in 2010.

The plan has a target of €106 million in savings to be made in non-pay areas. It also has a target of increased income collection from within the healthcare system which is €745 million higher than in 2009.

The HSE Service Plan for 2010 is available here.