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Living wage is €11.45

The 2014 Living Wage for the Republic of Ireland has been calculated by the Living Wage Technical Group at €11.45 per hour.  Social Justice Ireland believes this should become the minimum wage and should be adopted by all employers, public and private, without delay.
The Living Wage Technical Group, of which Social Justice Ireland is a member, has also launched:

  • a website
  • a technical document detailing how the Living Wage has been calculated and will be updated in future years

Looking to the future the group plans to update the Living Wage on an annual basis.

What is a Living Wage?
The Republic of Ireland Living Wage adds to a growing international set of similar figures which reflect a belief across societies that individuals working full-time should be able to earn enough income to enjoy a decent standard of living.
The Living Wage is a wage which makes possible a minimum acceptable standard of living. Its calculation is evidence based and built on budget standards research which is grounded in social consensus.

The new figure is:

  • based on the concept that work should provide an adequate income to enable individuals to afford a socially acceptable standard of living;
  • the average gross salary which will enable full time employed adults (without dependents) across Ireland to afford a socially acceptable standard of living;
  • a living wage which provides for needs not wants;
  • an evidence based rate of pay which is grounded in social consensus and is derived from Consensual Budget Standards research which establishes the cost of a Minimum Essential Standard of Living in Ireland;
  • unlike the National Minimum Wage which is not based on the cost of living.

In principle, a living wage is intended to establish an hourly wage rate that should provide employees with sufficient income to achieve an agreed acceptable minimum standard of living. In that sense it is an income floor; representing a figure which allows employees to afford the essentials of life. Earnings below the living wage suggest employees are forced to do without certain essentials so they can make ends meet.

A summary outline of the living wage may be accessed here.

The full technical document supporting the living wage may both be accessed here.